Through its multiple residencies and fellowship programmes, IFA champions distinctive learning models that go beyond classroom based pedagogical approaches, foregrounding collaborative processes and exchange between artists, curators and tutors among others.

One model of practice-based training through residencies for artists has been developd across many years by Khoj International Artist's Association (KHOJ).  From 2010-11 this distinct educational experience was extended to young curators in a joint intiaitve between KHOJ and the IFA, propagating the spirit of inquiry outside the context of academic institutions. 

In addition to the attention to exhibition making practices, KHOJ/IFA residencies sought to introduce resident curators to a model of socially engaged curating, encouraging them to think outside a white-cube paradigm and pursue research based initiatives, collaborate with communities of place and interest, deploy digital technologies and social media, together with exploring temporal performances and interventions in public spaces. 

Young curators in residence have not only benefitted from KHOJ's support frameworks and innovative approach to practice-based training, but have themseleves expanded the definition of curatorial practice, showcasing projects demonstrating new possibilities for engagement between artists, curators and the public. 

Museum Fellowship is an IFA initiative launched in 2013 to support emerging curators to develop innovative curatorial models for public engagement using museum objects, their art historical, aesthetic, technological and material content.

This initiative has the two-fold objective of energising museum spaces and providing emerging curators with an opportunity to generate new critical and creative approaches to engaging the public with the museum collection.

In Museum Fellowship's first iteration, IFA is working in partnership with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS).  Since April of this year, our two fellows – Shriniwas Deepti Mulgund and Sriniwas Agawane – have been collaborating with CSMVS museum staff in developing curatorial content for a specially commissioned bus designed to serve as a mobile exhibition space that will travel to villages and towns across the state of Maharastra.