A Quest for Cultural Nostalgia

For several years now, Jaipur has been the locus of the Rajasthan government's policy support of art in public spaces.   Art historian Khushboo Bharti received an Arts, Research and Documentation grant from the IFA in 2011 to investigate how changes in government map onto the form, content and location of public art projects in Jaipur, Rajasthan.  

The fruits of Bharti's research can be seen in 'A Quest for Cultural Nostalgia' - an exhibition opening in Artisan's Art Gallery, Mumbai, on June 29th. Through photo-documentation of  public art works in locations as diverse as railway crossings and the entry gates to the old city of Jaipur, along with the excerpt of the interviews with artists, artisans and officials involved in their production and curation, Bharti brings a set of insights to bear on a conversation currently taking place between a range of arts professionals around the poltics, ethics and practice of public art in India.